Ed Ellerington, Managing Director of Packaged Living, joined the GM & Liverpool Investment Forum to discuss theopportunities for growth in Liverpool. Ed was joined by many other property professionals, such as Neil Kirkham (CBRE), Darren Hutchinson (Barings) and Fraser Green (Aberdeen Standard Investment).

When posed a question about investment into Liverpool, Ed commented

“My background was at Grainger, and Liverpool was a city where we didn’t get traction, nobody saying “why don’t you come here?”. We had so much to offer, but it wasn’t picked up on. Now it’s top of my list, we can be first in there. There’s a huge story and once we’re in, we need joined up thinking.”

Ed wasn’t alone in his thinking, as the general consensus of the panel at Insider’s roundtable event was that Liverpool is a city which needs to play to its strengths, but has huge potential for growth. For more detail on the happenings of the roundtable discussion, see the GM & Liverpool Investment Guide here.

For more information about Packaged Living, see their website here.