Ed Ellerington is joining BE Networking’s Housing & Build to Rent Conference

Jun 5, 2020 | News

Ed Ellerington, Founder and Joint Managing Director of Packaged Living is speaking at BE Networking’s Housing & Build to Rent Conference today.

At 3pm today, Ed Ellerington will be joining the ‘Next Generation Housing Developers’ panel at BE Networking’s conference focusing on housing and build to rent.

The full-day conference will commence at 9am and will cover topics such as solving the housing crisis, Build to Rent and PRS development plans, affordable and social housing developments and next generation housing developers.

During Ed’s panel, they will discuss the future of the UK’s residential marketplace from innovative new developers to established firms who are incorporating next-generation technology and solutions. Ed will be joined by Fareen Lalani (Quintain), Mark Gratton (Wise  Living) and Simon Bridgen (Apex Airspace).

For more information on the conference, click here